History of our ecological building kit

In 2005 construction engineer and entrepreneur Bo Mansson founded Bosum AB. After 30 years in the construction industry Mansson had started to develop a new building system that revolved around three central perspectives - indoor climate, soundproofing and environment. In the following years Mansson continued to developed his building system where massive wooden blocks proved to be an excellent building material to work with. It would not be long until a new construction system was developed where the method and material generated an adaptable indoor climate, soundproofing benefits and besides it  consisted entirely of only one organic material, pine.

The building system has an approval by SP Technical Research Institute. Thus, it is approved in the Board's regulations and general guidelines on the application of European construction standards (EKS).

Over the years, the product and the company has developed. Bosum AB underwent in 2015 a reorganization and the subsidiary Bosum Building System AB was formed. The subsidiary took over the sales activities with kits made of solid wood and continued to drive the business forward. Today, the subsidiary of people holds a genuine interest in housing construction where the ecological and environmental aspects play an important and central role and has come further developed. We at Bosum Building System are extremely proud of our product and the benefits that it generates, both for our customers and for our environment.

Business concept

We provide ecological building kits in massive pinewood for you to build your new house. Our kits generates unique advantages that benefit both your living environment and surroundings. Our ambition is to provide a product that meets our definition of an ecological construction and is optimized for an ongoing ecological  construction.


Through flexibility and constant development, we at Bosum Building System have the ambition to be the natural choice for those who value ecological constructions without having to opt out of quality or functionality.

Our customers

Previous customers often talk about that they appreciate the hospitality and flexibility of our company. We are always available to answer questions about our product or to clarify any questions about the construction process. With us it is a matter of course to always work responsively and accommodating when our customers come with their own ideas or amendments.

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