Dreiman family

- " When I close the door in a house from Bosum Building System the wall stays completely still"

Kurt Dreiman is the owner of Gutebo on Gotland Tofta, 4 miles south of Visby and next to Tofta beach. Here he offers modern and well-equipped houses intended for rent year round. When Dreiman in 2013 had plans to expand his rental business and build two more houses, he chose to contact Bosum Building System. He had found the company on the web and thought the construction system with massive wooden blocks sounded exciting and affordable. In the following part Dreiman shares his experiences of the product.

- I found Bosum Building System online and thought the building system sounded exciting and above all affordable. Because of my intention to build two new houses for the holiday village obviously the price was an important factor. The construction system based on massive wooden blocks was an advantage I thought, because of the sound insulating ability,  but it was not this that was decisive but mainly that it was affordable. 

- The biggest difference to my houses from Bosum Building System relative to the other houses here at Gutebo become prominent each time I close the front door. Normally it will be like a little vibration in the house walls when pulling back the front door and it moves a little. But when I close the door in a house from Bosum Building System the wall stays completely still - it just says "clunk", which suggests that the construction is very solid and strong. The houses are also quite close to the road but heard absolutely nothing from the traffic outside. There has not been any wallpaper or paint cracking, which is due to the walls are made up of smaller wooden blocks. It had been moving more if it were a traditional log house with long logs, I believe.

- Guests staying in the cottage often react very positively and some are even lyrical by the houses. I often get questions about what house type it is and how it is constructed. They are really satisfied!

- I think the product is very good and I find no faults, therefore I can recommend others to build their house with a kit in massive wood. I myself have plans to build two more houses in the future and will then turn to Bosum Building System.

Dreiman family, Gotlands Tofta