Ecological building kits and sustainable building

There is currently no obvious definitions or criteria that must be met in order for a new building to be classified as ecologic. The concept of ecology in a construction context may mean that the person or persons who inhabit the house are living resource-saving and applying a cycle of thinking, that the presence of natural and organic materials are high in the structure of the house or perhaps that the air quality in the house meets a particular standard and is free from harmful substances. The base criterias for a house to be categorized as organic is therefore ultimately up to the person or persons that builds or finally inhabits the house. 

At Bosum Building System our definition of an ecological house is that the presence of environmentally friendly and organic material in the house climate shell (walls and roof) should be as high as possible and that the building system generates an adaptable and sustainable indoor climate. We believe that the journey toward building an ecological house begins in the house climate shell and here the conditions must be optimized to generate a successful ending result. Our ambition is therefore to provide a product that meets our definition of an ecological construction and that is optimized for an ongoing ecological construction.