The advantages of an ecological building kit

There are many advantages with our building kits. Here, we have listed some of them. The advantages you find here is also the most common referred to among our previous customers. 

 Ecological building structure
Our building kits consists of glueless blocks of massive wood, which is supplemented with an environmentally friendly vapor barrier and cellulose insulation. The wooden blocks can be reused when or if a rebuild is up to date and besides they naturally binds carbon dioxide 

 Amazing sound insulation capacity 
The massive wooden walls has an amazing sound insulating ability. If your house is located nearby a road or if the surrounding area often consists of hard wind, our massive wooden wall effectivly shuts out noise 

 Steady indoor climate adaptable to seasons
Early projects shows that our houses generates a steady indoor climate that adapts to seasons. In the winter season, heat from the house heating source stores in the massive wooden walls and contributes to a warm and cosy indoor climate. In the summer season, the thickness of the wooden walls effectively blocks high outdoor temperatures and creates a cool indoor climate

 Easy to mount kitchen cabinets och shells 
Unlike any other construction method our building system makes it easy to mount interiour such as kitchen cabinets and shells without the need of any plastic plugs

 Good fire resistance  
Any construction made out of massive wood is proven to be highly fire resistant.  Massive wood has very good heat insulating properties and as a result the non-fire-exposed surface maintains a low temperature  

 Time efficient 
Our ecological building kit in massive wood takes no more than 1-3 business days to set up, which contributes to a cost and time efficient project. The construction will rapidly be placed under roof wich reduce the risk of problems with moist