Jonasson family

- "The quality of the products is great and the opportunity high to make changes considering your own personal need" 


In the spring of 2015 it was finished, the house that the Jonasson family had ordered. Down below follows a text  where the homeowners themselves will share their experiences regarding the construction of their ecological building kit from Bosum Building System.

- It was a recommendation from acquaintances that led us to Bosum Building System and their ecological building kits. Previously we had the opportunity to review a couple of finished houses, where the kit was delivered by Bosum Building System. We had understood that the unique construction system worked well, where the massive wall structure ensured that the walls did not move and that it contributed to a good sound insulation. We thought the house model Aroma had a floor plan and a functionality that suited our needs excellent. A critical factor why we chose to go ahead with a kit from Bosum Building System was the close and personal contact with the company's Marketing Manager - Bo Mansson and the CEO - Peter Malmberg.

- The construction proceeded without any problems and the contact with representatives from Bosum Building Systems and its subcontractors were continuous and satisfactory. The craftsmen who carried out the turnkey contract gave a good impression and had the knowledge necessary to do a good job.

- We would definitely like to recommend others to build their future house with an ecological building kit in massive wood from Bosum Building System, obviously assuming that the customer need match the product. The quality of the products is great and the opportunity high to make changes considering your own personal need.

Jonasson family, Uppsala